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The Republican Party: Anti-Modernist Christian Fascism in America

The current Republican Party in the United States is the new ugly face of homophobic, xenophobic and anti-women extremism in the Western developed nations. The United States, under the recent neofascist leadership of Donald Trump, the chronic homophobe Mike Pence, and the white Christian supremacist tenets of the majority of State Republican parties are together espousing extremist Christian hate ideologies that, in fact, are changing citizen protection laws and are working cto acheive their insane dystopian post-Confederacy objectives.

We would think Christians in America today would be horrified at the idea of Christian politicians working with the new promoters of American fascism. In fact, conservative Christians frequently claim that their own Christian scriptures are the philosophical and historical basis for America's political liberties.

Yet a very real social problem is in play in our supposedly secular America under the new Trump / Republican Party regime. Even though democracy in America is more a part of popular culture than traditional religion, anti-modernist American Christians are increasingly doing a very poor job at separating the two. The question is whether they are doing it on purpose or as ignorant trusting victims of racist and fear-mongering economic propoganda.

Historically, Christians, Christian churches, and Christian institutions have had little trouble working with fascist governments, organizations, and political parties. Just as some Christians find inspiration in their traditions and scriptures for promoting individual liberty, others can find equally strong and valid inspiration in the same traditions and scriptures for the need for common action, attacking modernism, and a strong social hierarchy.

As a religion, Christianity is clearly pliable and can be molded by hate and gullibility to be compatible with cultural and social fascism not unlike the Nazi regime in Hitler's Germany. Except in modern America Jews have been replaced my Muslim Arabs, except in the minds of the American neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Regardless, such hate and ignorance is a modern form of a social mental illness probably originating from child abuse, incest, or simply dysfunctional familty scapegoating.  

America's Regressive Republicanism

That said, in a 21st century repeat, we are seeing the same rationalizations happening in modern America and Europe, under the scapegoating delusions of foreigners taking US jobs or rapists coming in from Mexico to go after the white women. 

Who are the modern American leaders espousing this new American fascism? For one , newly-elected VP Mike Pence is a fervent Christian supremacist who has passed numerous laws in the state of Indiana to repress women, LGBT, and Muslim citizens. And under the fantasy despotic regime of Donald Trump, we are ominously seeing numerous new appointments into positions of domestic policing and military power who are unabashed Christian supremacists.

The stage is set. Sane Christians and US citizens who support real democracy must speak out against these new neofascist Christian warning signs in the new Trump minority America - who insanely believe they have a mandate from God.




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